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Thursday, May 20th 2010, 4:51pm

Rainbird ASV-75 valve leaking

I have a very old Rainbird sprinkler system. The valve that controls the amount of water to system is leaking when turned on. This leaks constantly when one whether sprinklers are on or not. After cleaning i found a part number of Rainbird ASV-75. So I figured easy to find I have a part number. Cannot find the correct part or the corresponding new part number if there is one. I have been to big hardware stores, small hardware stores and the internet. The problems is that none of the parts or new asv valves look the same as mine. So looking for some expert help. I have not taken apart the valve, as I have to shut off the water to house to do so and if I can't put it back together or cant find the correct part once it is off, I am up a creek without water. So looking for advice, crossover part number or anything that can help me to fix my leaking problem.

thank you in advance ?(




Thursday, September 8th 2011, 1:30pm

Rainbird ASV-75

I found the same problem, trying to find a repair kit for an old brass rainbird antisphin vavle. I went to the local hardware store and they didn't have what I wanted, was told to go to a nursery! I went to the local Star nusury and was told that rainbird didn't make a brass valve, but the sold me a kit for a Aqualine 3/4" RK1 which had the parts in it I needed to repair my valve. I hope this helps anybody out that has the same problem!!!! :P :P :thumbsup:




Saturday, March 30th 2013, 2:44pm

Old rainbird 75ASV brass valve

Thank you for that info on the old Rainbird brass valve. That is exactly the type I have! My repair man said I have to purchase a brand new brass valve and replace all three @50 bucks ea., because they didn't make the rebuild kit anymore. Or I'd have to go with plastic at $30. ea. Mine says Rainbird on the cap but also says Champion Controls on it too.




Thursday, June 26th 2014, 2:51pm

Repair Kit for Brass 75ASV Valve

I have 12 brass anti-siphon valves that are all in stages of beginning to leak. They are all imprinted with "75ASV" as pictured. I have 1/2", 3/4" and a couple 1" valves with this labeling.

I'm trying to figure out which kit I need to order but can't figure out which.

The links to Rainbird in this thread are for the plastic models. When I looked at the Aqualine part referenced, the two Q/A comments there both stated that people had tried these parts but that they didn't fit.



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Thursday, June 26th 2014, 5:55pm

Hey So Cal Desert.
You don't need the whole kit. Just a couple of washers will do.
You'll need the rubber float washers and the fiber cap washers.

I recently bought 100 rubber float washers from Hydroscape. I had to order them. When the washers came in they charged me 2.10 each. I was livid. I'd never paid more than 79 cents before. So I went online and found them fore .46 each. I bought another 120.


The 3/4 inch fiber washers are all pretty standard. One size fits all.

The 1 inch fiber washers come in two different sizes. I believe yours is the smaller of the two. It will be the standard 1" fiber washer they sell.

The 3/4 inch rubber float washers are all interchangeable.

The 1" rubber float washer are in two different sizes. I'm pretty sure you have the newer style. With a smaller hole in the middle.
You wont be able to buy the older one with the large hole in the middle. If you have that you'll have to replace the whole float.

Your valves don't look that old so I'm thinking the parts they in the new kits will fit.

I could go on and on but your best bet is to take the parts with you to an Irrigation Supply House. Try Ewing, Hydroscape, John Deere Irrigation.

A coulpe of tips. I see in your picture, the valve adapter had that little nodule sticking out on the bottom of it right above the cap. It might be in the way so you can't get the cap off or back on. You might need to loosen the adapter a bit.

Also scrape any calcium build up off the brass pin the float slides up and down on. I use a small screw driver. Also clean any debris from inside the plastic float.

Good luck!

Now that I said all that. The kit they sell at the Home Depot should work. That is if they still have them.




Thursday, June 26th 2014, 6:34pm


Thank you ever so much mrfixit! I'll give this a go and write back. I found this thread via a Google search so know it's a good place to get the info posted for those of us with this valve.

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