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Thursday, September 17th 2009, 4:44pm

Old 1" Richdel Conversion?

HI guys,

FIrst time here and I hope you can help me.
The system at my house was installed a few decades ago (before we moved in) and consists of a model 9186 Water Wiz, 110v, 14 day timer/controller and a 1" Richdel Valve with Siphon Break. I gather, after looking at the schematic, that the solenoid is also 110v so thereby making the rain sensor I purchased here useless until I change it to 24v, right?

So my big "Question of the Day" is:
Can I just replace the Controller and put in a 24v Solenoid? Will the solenoid fit? Or could I replace the TOP of the Valve housing with the solenoid? or must I cut out and replace the entire valve/siphon break assy???? Are the 24v solenoids incompatible with the old valve housings or is there something else I am missing?

I am going to try to attach a picture of the Valve Assy and the controller to make sure I am using the right terminology.

Be gentle! I'm new to all this sprinkler stuff!<G>
And Thanks Much for any help you can offer!

DougP has attached the following files:
  • Controller.JPG (14.71 kB - 19 times downloaded - Last download: May 14th 2012, 8:42pm)
  • Controller Schematic.JPG (14.89 kB - 20 times downloaded - Last download: May 14th 2012, 8:42pm)
  • Valve assy.JPG (14.12 kB - 24 times downloaded - Last download: May 14th 2012, 8:42pm)


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Thursday, September 17th 2009, 9:52pm

I take it that the system was previosly used as it is presently set up. Therefore, I would first check the current solenoid by removing it. (make sure the water supply valve is off). on the side of the solenoid there will generally be information imprinted in it as far as its amperage, voltage, inrush current etc. It looks to me to be 24 volts. I'm not familar with that controller, but maybe your misreading the info you have. Most all irrigation controllers are 110 volt plug in with a step down transformer in them to reduce the voltage to 24 for the valves etc.Check to see if thats the case with yours. It appears that there are some kind of instructions/ specs on the door of the controller. You may not need to do anything.


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Thursday, September 17th 2009, 10:18pm

Yes, it is currently used as shown and there is NO transformer anywhere and the schematic shows 110 to the solenoid. That is why I was curious if anyone knew if this model could just swap out solenoids from 110 to 24v.
I tried to attach the schematic but the 20kb graphic limit made it unreadable.. sorry.

The solenoid looks "different" from the ones at HD: it has a screw down through the top, wires out the side so it looks like it cannot be just unscrewed like the newer ones. Like it has a bolt thu the center into a threaded boss in the valve or something. it is so old, any writing is long gone.. SEE ATTACHMENT
That was why I asked if it would be possible to swap out the top of the valve, if in fact it IS the same as a 205/2700 system, but I have no experience in this area.


dgpete has attached the following files:
  • Valve TOP.JPG (18.19 kB - 19 times downloaded - Last download: May 14th 2012, 8:44pm)
  • Solenoid ONLY.jpg (17.75 kB - 22 times downloaded - Last download: Oct 16th 2010, 1:40pm)



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Thursday, September 17th 2009, 10:50pm

Try unscrewing the post in the middle of the solenoid. It should come right off. You have to figure they got it on there somehow. you might be able to take that retainer clip off and the solenoid would slide right off the post. I don't see why you can't use a 24 volt solenoid on that valve. I'm wondering if that valve wasn't originally 24 volt and modified to 110. The valve is rather old so maybe you should just replace the whole bonnet and innardsfrom a 205.


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Friday, September 18th 2009, 8:46am

Thanks Mrfixit,
is a 205 housing something that I can find at HD or lowes under a differnt brand/part number or must I find an Irritrol valve? I'd be quite happy to replace the entire top of the valve assembly if I thingt it would fit.


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Friday, September 18th 2009, 2:31pm

Only Irritrol manufactures the 205 valve. Does the existing valve work? The same valve, with a standard 24V solenoid, can still be found in common use. If the existing valve was still functioning, there are rain detectors rated for line voltage. Actually the usual mechanical detectors already contain a microswitch that's rated for line voltage. It's the extended hookup wire that is not rated for line voltage.

Your cheapest reliable plan of action might be replacing the entire valve with a Lawn Genie valve, which is also made by Irritrol. It will closely resemble the professional version, known as the 2713APR, which is available on this website's online store. You have to cut and recouple the outlet pipe, before and after you unthread the original and thread on the replacement. A union fitting will come in very handy in reconnecting the outlet piping.

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