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Thursday, July 5th 2018, 10:29am

Help Identifying brand and model of sprinkler valve for proper solenoid replacement

Hello everyone.

I have a very old underground sprinkler system that I would like to keep running. I have three control valves, one of them is a rainbird that operates perfectly. The other two are older valves that have absolutely no identification on them as to the brand or model #. The solenoids are beyond repair and I need to replace them with the proper size. I've been repeatedly told to use the model 811 solenoid, and it does not fit properly. The threads are different, and the neck of the units are a bit too long compared to the originals. I can get them to fit on enough to turn the system on and off by opening the water valve manually, but they will not operate on the timer system.
I've provided pictures of the valves and the original solenoid via my blog page. If that doesn't work, I'll edit later with a different way of seeing the pictures. Can someone identify the brand/model for me? It might be a hunter, there are several hunter sprinkler heads on the system. I'm not sure, and have had no luck finding any pictures of this on google images.
Hope this one works:


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Thursday, July 5th 2018, 12:41pm

I see you have two different year solenoids on the two valve. See the one with the metal circle in the middle? Try taking the plastic white retainer out and see if it doesn't fit better and work. I believe the threads are the same size on both solenoids just because you have them screwed in.
The other solenoid that's all black on top is a newer version. They really messed it up for older valves. The plunger is much bigger and it wont work.

As far as the make and model of that valve goes. No clue.

I have a box of solenoids that look similar to your original one. I'm racking my brain trying to remember what they go to. I bought them on Ebay.

Maybe if you installed a solenoid and post off of an Irritrol 800 valve adapter it would fit. Or maybe an Orbit or Champion solenoid and post. Like this.


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Thursday, July 5th 2018, 4:22pm

Another way to describe the "811" solenoid is by its thread size, which is 3/4 x 20. The Irritrol 811 solenoid has evolved from its origin as a copy of an industry-standard 3/4 x 20 solenoid, into something more fitted to work with the Irritrol valves as manufactured today. For zone valves with solenoids like the old ones shown in the photos, it's going to be best to get something closer to a generic 3/4 x 20 solenoid, without any 'keeper' for the solenoid plunger, and with a separate O-ring to seal the connection. Solenoids made before the keepers became commonplace were supplied with a cap over the threads, to enclose the loose plunger and O-ring. Solenoids for Superior brass valves were a 3/4 x 20 thread, with no keeper and an O-ring, as were solenoids made for Champion brass valves.


Thursday, July 5th 2018, 10:41pm

To Mr. Fixit and Wetboots,
I could not find a reply option for the first post by one of you. Anyway, yes there are two different model solenoids on the valves. One is the 811 and the other I cannot remember at the moment. The problem with both of them is they "bottom out" when I try to screw them in all the way. They don't go completely into the threaded area, and they get to just a certain point when trying to tighten them and "slip" causing them to angle or just pop off. I cannot get them to seat in there tightly. Seems there are too many threads or something. I have tried to take the white cap off, my understanding is that these were added to keep people from losing those plungers when changing things? Whatever, it didn't work on the 811 model.
I'll look into what you've posted, you have helped a lot on why things aren't working now. The solenoids have changed since I bought them last. I kept a couple of the old ones, and there are noticeable differences in them and the new ones.
I'll also see if I can find some rubber 0 rings and try to do it that way. Something's got to work. LOL

If anyone comes up with the model/brand of those valves it would be a real help for sure.

Thanks guys, and I'll report back on what works. I'm putting this on my priority to-do list over the weekend. :)

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Friday, July 6th 2018, 2:24pm

The solenoid pictured above has the standard 3/4 x 20 configuration. Irritrol no longer makes their solenoids to exactly match those dimensions, and they really don't care if their solenoids don't fit older valves they did not have anything to do with.

Now it happens that the fine folks who operate this website offer a "Universal Replacement" solenoid, that I haven't yet laid eyes upon, so I can't confirm its being an exact copy of the standard 3/4 x 20 solenoid, but the fact that it shows a picture of it having a cap, and there being a review that mentions the O-ring, strongly suggests it will fit the older valves with the old-style solenoids.


Saturday, July 7th 2018, 10:21am

It's's what I did...

Thanks Wet Boots! I'll be sure to save that information for any future solenoid needs for these two ancient valves.

It turned out to be quite simple, inside the valve inlet was a rubber o ring. I couldn't see it until I dried off the area. I believe it was original and supposed to be there. It is what was stopping the newer solenoids from threading on there tightly, I could get them on partially, but they leaked like crazy because I wasn't getting a seal and the plunger would not operate properly causing the water to stay on unless I completely turned the valve off manually. Out of sheer frustration while trying to get a solenoid on there, I took out that rubber O ring. Voila! I got that 811 on there with a tight fit and the system will now turn on and off. No leaking and no dripping.

Now maybe I can move on to other fixes around here that are needed before winter. LOL Thanks guys!


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Saturday, July 7th 2018, 7:59pm

Well done. Yes, the old solenoid and its O-ring are a package deal. Replacing them with a new-style solenoid (that has the O-ring built in) requires removal of the old O-ring.

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