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Saturday, April 19th 2008, 1:32pm

drip system - no pressure

I have an emitter that is on a hibiscus and not emitting anything. If I pull out the "small tube" that is attached to the "main tube" (underground), there is some water coming out - enough to make a very small "spout", so I changed the "small tube" with a "fresh one" and a new dripper head. When I attached it and turned on that station again, there is still no water coming out of the emitter. I wonder if it is a pressure problem? I have plugged 2 emitters that were getting good flow on the same line (but closer to the water source). Any ideas on what to do to solve this problem?



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Sunday, April 20th 2008, 4:13am

Not enough information - what pressure and filtration is feeding what size and length of tubong?

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