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Monday, October 15th 2007, 7:30am

how to install a motion detector to my sprinkler

Can anyone help me with how to install a motion detector to my sprinkler system? I have a 4 zone configuration controlled with a Rain-Bird controller. It is my desire to modify my system by adding a motion detector or two in strategic places around my home to scare off intruders and neighborhood pests.
If anyone has had any experience with this, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!


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Monday, November 5th 2007, 7:53am

Dennis, I have a zone that would be ripe for this technology as well. The deer get into the hostas a lot!

Check out They sell battery powered motion detectors that can send a signal to a remote low voltage relay that could be wired to act as a second switch for the zone. I am not sure where you would pick up the LV power on your particular controller. One of their kits worked successfully for me in triggering a barking dog box. The drawback was that the bark box wasn't weatherproof and needed 110 Volts. I am rigging something similar to turn on a fine misting system by wireless control to cool down the patio area on hot days. Will have to wait until next spring to share the details though because we just winterized the whole sprinkler system.

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