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Friday, August 10th 2007, 8:09am

Imperial System Help

Recently bought the house, and it has an older system.

The lady we bought it from said that there was a leak in around zone 4 (6/11 zone system) and that she just had it "shut off over there somewhere".

I've found the main valve for it, and the timer has (what I assume to be, based on the limited schematic) the correct voltages everywhere. I'm fairly "ept" at doing things myself, but I need a place to look first.

Can anyone suggest a starting point?

I understand the manufacturer of the timer is out of business, but I expect most of the rest of it are fairly standard parts.

Thanks in advance.

(I need it fairly quickly, as the soil is drying badly and the house is sinking...)


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Friday, August 10th 2007, 8:27am



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Friday, August 10th 2007, 12:58pm

I read your post 5 times. I'm still not sure exactly what you want. I'm going to assume you're trying to find a leak on number 4. As for standard parts on an older system, maybe, maybe not. If you turned the water back on to the manifold and you don't see a leak. Try turning on valve number 4. If there's a leak it usually surfaces somewhere. Let me just say one thing. Whenever the home owner tells me what they think is wrong. I can basically count that out. So with that said. There's a good chance that number 4 doesn't have a leak.
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Sunday, August 12th 2007, 1:27pm

Sorry. It wasn't clear.

SOMEWHERE, there is a leak, and the sprinkler was shut-off somewhere else (honestly, those were her words, but in her defense, she's like 300 years old).

I guess what I'm trying to figure out, is if there is a way to find the control valves and the main valve that are now since buried.

I found three control valves out of seven, and have worn myself out poking into the (soon to be) desert floor that was once a yard, with a piece of re-bar.

Are the valves generally laid out in a straight line, or should I widen my search?

Just for grins and giggles, what does it take to turn on a control valve manualy.

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