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Tuesday, July 31st 2007, 1:36am

How to configure Nelson rotor / initial install?

Hi team,

I purchased Nelson rotors and am not sure how to setup the direction correctly. I know that the top of the head has adjustments for degrees in the arc, however how do I determine the "stop" position...?

For example, the rotor turns from 1 to 360 degrees alternating back and forth (not a continuous circle). How do I find the "stop" and correlate it to the edge of my lawn so that I can "add" the appropriate degrees for coverage?

(I hope all of that makes sense)



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Tuesday, July 31st 2007, 2:57am

Need to know which rotor you have. Here are instructions for Nelson rotors.

Gear drive:

Impact rotor:


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Tuesday, July 31st 2007, 3:25am

Ahh, you found them! Thank you.

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