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Wednesday, June 27th 2007, 11:27am

Rainbird Maxi-paw

Please help. I am trying to replace RB Maxi-Paw. The previous one is connected thru the side inlet. I can't figure out how to thread it onto pipe. It is a corner head. I am very new at this whole thing.


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Wednesday, July 11th 2007, 9:36pm

The Maxi-paw side inlet is a 1/2" connection. You didn't say with what you are replacing the Maxi-Paw..?? (Personally, I'm replacing all of mine with Hunter PGP rotors.) I would use swing pipe (also called funny pipe) to make the connection. Look for it at under the "Fittings" menu on the home page (you'll see Swing Pipe and Swing Pipe Fittings on that menu). You can see Maxi-Paw installation instructions at and tech. specs at

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