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Friday, July 6th 2007, 3:51am

pipe size

My neighbor had his system just installed and I noticed they used 1" pvc all throughout the system. To the valves as well as to the heads with a 1/2 inch transition to connect the heads. Like me, he has well and septic system. They ran a 3/4" copper to the outside from where the whole system is 1" PVC.
I have 1" PVC from well pump to the pressure tank, from here it's 3/4" to the house. I imagine his is same since it's the same house type, etc. I'm getting 40 psi at the tank with about 8 gpm. Will the system function any better or worse using his 1" method versus using 3/4" pvc for laterals? How will this sizing affect the pressure? Any imput appreciated.


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Saturday, July 7th 2007, 3:09am

Smaller pipe equates to more pressure loss as water flows through it.

With a starting pressure of 40 psi, you are already starting on the lower end of things to design a system.

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