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Wednesday, June 13th 2007, 3:59pm

Hunter Pro-C and PCM Module (Black Only?)

Wondering if anyone can help. I just purchased a Pro-C as a replacement for my damaged one. The instructions for Installing Station Modules in the manual for my new unit has the following note:

<b>Note: Your Pro-C controller is designed to work only in conjunction with <u>BLACK PCM</u> expansion modules.</b>

My old unit had a PCM-300 in it - but it is grey.

Assuming I can not use this (older?) module, how can I order a Black PCM-300? I have not seen any differentiating part numbers. And, the description on has pictures of a grey and black units.

How do I make sure I get someting that works?

Anybody know?




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Thursday, June 14th 2007, 12:54pm

I'm pretty sure if you buy a new module, you'll only get the black one which can be used in both new and old controllers.

I ordered a Pro-C and an expansion module last week from Sprinkler Warehouse and I received the new black module.

The following is cut from a Hunter product info. page on the Pro-C

"Improved Module Design. Expansion modules are now able to operate with the new Power-Lock slide feature. The PCM-900 has been redesigned so it can only be installed in its proper position (the upper two expansion slots). The new BLACK modules will retrofit into any Pro-C controller, regardless of manufacture date. However, the older GRAY modules will not work in the newer (date code September 2006 forward) Pro-C units."

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