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Thursday, June 7th 2007, 7:58pm

rainbird esp-6i Control panel flashing

On my sprinkler system I can set up my regular water times etc. It will usually run the whole cycle. But when I go out in the morning the numbers and flashing and everything is messed up. Everything is flashing until I twist the nob then I can reset it. But the same thing happens over and over[:(]. Any ideas on the subject would be greatly appreciated.


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Friday, June 8th 2007, 3:58am

It usually indicates a power failure.



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Friday, June 8th 2007, 9:45pm

What do you mean it will "usually" run the whole cycle? Does it stop part way through sometimes? It sound's like a short somewhere. Probably the solenoid. On one occasion I ran across a controller that would do that once in a long while. Months in fact. It turned out to be a bad splice in the wire. Turn on each station manually at the controller and let them run for a couple minutes each. See if one shorts out the clock. Good luck!
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