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Wednesday, June 6th 2007, 8:58pm

large sprays = bad?

I have a lawn that has an ideal head spacing of about 18-19 feet. This is right at (or just past) the upper limit of most sprays. I've notice that many manufacturers either stop at 15' or only include 17' as a part circle. Is there a reason for this? Are large sprays (17'+) just not a good idea?

If I cover the same area with smaller (10-12') sprays then I'll have twice the heads (14 vs 7) and about 25% more gpm, just enough to put me into two zones instead of one. And having heads in the middle of the turf isn't as nice as having them just around the edges.

If large sprays are okay, what's a good nozzle choice? The Hunter 17 is rated to 19' at 40psi, but the recommended use is 30psi. I was also thinking of using the Institutional Spray bodies which are regulated to 30psi. Irritrol seems to top out at 17 even at 50 psi. Rain Bird rates 18' at 30psi but doesn't spec any higher. Weathermatic brass nozzles allow up to 24' spacing (the throw is actually less, but better uniformity supposedly eliminates need for head-to-head coverage). But I need one head to be 60 degrees, so I might be out of luck on that the brass heads anyway. Any recommendations?


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Thursday, June 7th 2007, 7:35am

MPRotators. The MP2000 is designed to have a throw of about 20' @ 30PSI.

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