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Sunday, May 20th 2007, 5:31pm

spray heads mixed with pgj

can you mix a spray head with a pgj rotor? i thought i seen somewhere you could..if you do i am guessing you want the pgj to have the same nozzle in it has a spray head would put out correct?

another question i have a zone with 7 pgj in it and they put out som ewater to much water if i down size the nozzle the pump will kick on and off i am on a well but right now the nozzles are to big could i leave the nozzle size alone and just turn down the flow on my valve i have a valve with a flow control..the reason i want to turn the flow is b/c that zones puts out some much water it sprays all over the fence and house.the distance betwen the lines or heads is about 25ft but they spray way past that ...


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Sunday, May 20th 2007, 5:44pm

NO, I don't think mixing PGJ and sprays are a good thing. The application (precipitation) rates are not he same. You will flood some areas and starve others. As far as the too much water, just use the deflector screw to adjust the radius, or use a low angle nozzle instead. If you have to switch to a different nozzle all together, just adjust your pressure switch on your pump to stop the cycling, or better yet install a Cycle Stop Valve ( ) ( )
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