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Monday, April 30th 2007, 4:13pm

valve to controller wiring

I need to hook up one valve on a timer. Does anyone know if I can wire the single valve to multiple stations in the controller? The goal is to have the single valve open the maximum number times allowed by the controller.


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Tuesday, May 1st 2007, 6:02am

Unless the instructions for the timer explicitly state that you can do this, you should assume that connecting multiple stations to one valve will eventually damage the controller.

Now many controllers have a Master Valve output. The Master Value output becomes active when ever ANY station is turned on. So if your system has only one valve, you can accomplish your goal by simply connecting that valve to the master valve output and then program all your stations as desired.

If you want only SOME of your stations to behave the way you desire, the only safe way to accomplish what you want would be to build something like a relay logic circuit. But that would likely take some circuit design and soldiering skills.

So unless you've got an expensive controller or a controller with some fancy features you just can't live without, I'd suggest finding a cheap controller with a master valve output and use it on just this one valve.


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Tuesday, May 1st 2007, 6:26am

Most controllers have multiple start times and multiple programs. A lot of run time can be had for each station. Should there be a need to go beyond that programming, one can connect a valve to more than one station. But use the programming capabilities first.

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