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Wednesday, March 28th 2007, 2:21pm

Pressure options

I pulled off some sprinkler install instructions online and I've run into an issue. I followed everything, but my sprinkler heads are only going out to about 7-10 ft which is less than the 15ft I had planned for. So now I have a bunch of spots that are not getting any water. I am tapping into my hose bibb which has a 3/4" copper pipe. I have 67psi according to a pressure gauge and 5gpm according to the bucket method. All this was at the bibb that I tapped into. I have four zones using Toro jar top anti-siphon valves. Two zones are over 100ft in length so I used 1" PVC and the other are less than 100ft so I used 3/4" PVC for those. Each zone has four Toro 570 heads which I thought would spray atleast 15ft. According to the online instructions it calculated to about 21ft between heads. I don't have any that are more than that. Can someone help me to get more pressure or give me advice in what I can do to get the 15ft that I need from each sprinkler head? I read a bunch of other posts, but I couldn't find any solutions for my issue. I don't have a pressure regulator in the house. No basement. Anything would be greatly appreciated.


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Thursday, March 29th 2007, 1:26am

Are the Toro 15 foot heads full circle sprays (360 degrees) ?

If they are...they EACH use more than 2 gpm...hence your problem.

The full uses 3.6 are trying to use 3 times the amount of water available...even if you had 200psi this won't work.

The half uses 1.65 can't even run 4 1/2 circle nozzles to get this to work.

I'm not sure what you did wrong with the design guide...but it is time for "do-overs".....
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Sunday, April 29th 2007, 6:38pm

5 gpm is real low for flow. sprinkler guy is right. if your gpm is low but your pressure is ok, consider installing a booster pump. this is something that only a pro should do though. either that or cut the amount of heads in half per zone.

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