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Saturday, January 20th 2007, 1:35pm

Febco 765 dripping, possible freeze

I live in the Phoenix AZ area and we use our irrigation systems all year. This year we've had a couple nights of heavy freeze and now I notice my febco 765 dripping around the cap. I suspect that even though covered at night, it might have been damaged by the freeze.

What is the likely cause of the drip and is it a part / assembly easily replaced ? or will I likely need a whole new backflow device ?


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Monday, January 22nd 2007, 2:53am


Sounds like those 2 days of freezing got you! The likely cause of the drip is one of two parts.

The poppet or the bonnet. You can be safe and purchase them as a set here for between $55 and $65 ...

We can help you on here to replace this part...very easy.

If you prefer to have someone fix it for you, email me I have tons of business associates in the PHX area.... Good Luck
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