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Friday, October 20th 2006, 7:48am

DC Valves

I've read that DC valves can be installed below the ground and below the sprinkler heads. Can they also be installed above ground if freezing isn't a problem?


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Friday, October 20th 2006, 9:28am

From what I've read, DC can be installed just about anywhere and in just about any orientation (vertical or horizonal). This would include underground, above ground, or indoors such as a basement. The primary limitation is that the device must be redaily accessable for testing.


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Saturday, November 4th 2006, 12:37pm

From what I have read (USC 9th edition, DHS title 17) a DC is not approved for a sprinkler system. By the way no backflow should be installed below ground. The test cocks are a potential cross connection.
Tyler Napier

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