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Saturday, August 26th 2006, 11:11am

Irrigating Blueberry bushes

I will be planting 1,280 Blueberry bushes this fall and want to use a drip system to water them. I want to use a drip system with a 24" diameter ring around each bush. Is there a commercial supply house I can buy drip rings from or will I need to produce my own. I have a seven acre lake to irrigate from. I also plan on doing some aerial irrigating. My farm is in North Central Kentucky.

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Tuesday, August 29th 2006, 3:56am

I do not know what the suply houses have in your area. I do recommend the product called NetaFim. The are the leaders in drip / low volume irrigation. They manufature all the filters, emitters, tubing and etc. you will need. Here is a link to their site. They may have a link on teir site for local distridutors for you to contact.
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