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Monday, August 28th 2006, 3:57pm

Submersible pump

Has anyone used a submersible pump in the place of a regular pump(pumping out of a lake). If so,<font face="Andale Mono"></font id="Andale Mono">[8D] did you us a pump start relay or a bladder tank and pressure switch. Next problem , choosing the right pump? I will be flowing about 30 gpm and total head is about 10'.[8D]


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Monday, August 28th 2006, 11:49pm

Check your local codes. Some areas will forbid the practice as an electrocution hazard. In any event, if you only need to gain ten feet of head, you have no use for a submersible pump. A standard 3/4 HP utility type could lift 30 gpm.

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