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Tuesday, August 15th 2006, 1:09pm

Toro flo pro series valve won't turn on.

I have these valves which are now 11 years old. These do not have flo control. The problem is that I have a valve that won't turn on by the controller. I can hear a noise of some water going through. If I manually turn it on, it will turn the sprinklers on, I will then turn the solenoid back closed and the sprinklers will remain on and then turn off by the controller.
I've measured the voltage and there is 24 vac at the valve. I've taken it apart and cleaned it and still the same. I've switched solenoids around and still the same. Thus, from what I understand it must be the diaphram. Should any other parts on the inside be replaced, (spring, washer).

Also, how does the valve work in regards to where does the water on top of the diaphram go when the solenoid is powered (retracted).


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Tuesday, August 15th 2006, 2:36pm

Replace the entire Flo Pro valve. They're discontinued for a reason.

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