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Friday, August 4th 2006, 2:58pm

Controller issues

Greetings. My Toro controller recently shot a fuse. I replaced it and it seemed to work for a day or so. Then one day zone 1 started running all the time. If the controller was unplugged, it would go off. Plug the controller in, it comes on. So I unhooked the wire for zone 1, and everything was fine for a day or so. Then I noticed that the controller itself was hot to the touch on the top of the unit. After a day or so, it shot another fuse, and has been unplugged since then. I'm guessing I need another controller. Does that sound correct? Is there anything else I should check?

If I do need to replace the controller, can I switch to a Hunter?

Thanks for any advice.



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Monday, August 7th 2006, 1:26am

If your timer is sending a signal to a valve when it's not supposed to then toss it out. I have seen Toro send a signal to a random valve for no reason. Yes you can switch to a Hunter. The Hunter SRC is an excellent indoor timer. They come in 6 and 9 stations. Outdoor go for the Pro C. Blowing a fuse is almost alway either a bad solenoid or a wiring problem. In your case you may have two problems. Figure out which valve is blowing the fuse. Disconnect the wire at the valve and see if it still blows the fuse when that number station runs on the clock. If it blows the fuse. It's a wiring issue. If it doesn't blow the fuse then it's the solenoid. I'd change timers before doing that step. A warm to the touch timer may or may not be a problem. I don't know which model controller you have. Good luck.
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