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larry benoit

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Thursday, July 6th 2006, 8:30am

hunter pro-c programming

I just installed a 9 zone pro-c controller. The controller will not allow me to program anything above zone 4. It gets to zone 4,when I set the duration and try to advance to zone 5 it goes back to zone 1.
Am I doing something wrong or do I have a defective controller?


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Thursday, July 6th 2006, 9:08am

you can't hot swap modules as far as i know....

disconnect battery and power to timer...remove install and then turn on power...maybe that will work???

also try

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Sunday, August 6th 2006, 12:30pm

Hi Larry. What you have done is a common occurance. I see it all the time. I maybe wrong but I believe you're programming the start times and not the zone run times. The Hunter Pro C has 4 start times. You only need one start time to run all the zones. You don't need a start time for each individual valve. Just tell it what time you want it to come on and they'll automatically run in sequence. Of course you have to program each individual valve for how long you want it to run for.
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