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Monday, July 31st 2006, 9:04pm

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<br />This is my first post but I have to say that people who don't understand the design process may perhaps not understand the scope of their questions. I thought using the tutorials was a reasonable response considering the breadth of the question.

What I haven't seen here (did I just miss it?) is the "design capacity" of the system which will determine the maximum flow (gpm) of any one section. Without that info, you really can't zone your system effectively.
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We've already been given enough info to make an educated guess at Ritchie Rich's design capacity of about 12gpm (lots of pressure, 3/4 meter, 1" service line). From there you have to know the flow rate of the nozzles you plan on using to determine how many nozzles you can put on a single circuit. From there you start working out friction losses to determine feild line pipe size, etc.

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