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Thursday, July 6th 2006, 7:49pm

Looking for a hard to find item

I did a forum search and couldn't find anything on this topic. My homes previous owner installed a number of heads within inches of the house. Not a bad idea if you don't mind cleaning hard water spots off your windows and sliders every weekend. Most of the windows in these areas were ruined and I have just spent over $15k replacing every window and slider in the house. I don't want to go through this again and I was wondering if they made some type of overspray guard that can be placed behind the head to prevent this? Maybe something with a spike that sticks in the ground. All the heads are adjusted properly and I have little or no problem once they are running however it's when they first start and then close that I am having the biggest problem with water going in all directions. Home Depot and Lowes seemed to have no idea what I was asking for. Any advise would be appreciated.


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Friday, July 7th 2006, 2:43am

Replace/reposition the heads. Re-landscape if you have to. In extreme cases of needing to place water right next to a building you don't want to get wet, you would have sub-surface emitter lines in that area. As to the heads 'being adjusted properly' - most pros wouldn't consider wetting windows to be proper adjustment.

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