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Sunday, May 28th 2006, 2:24pm

Digging potholes - any hints

I'm getting ready to dig soon. I am pulling poly and have 80 total heads.

I am thinking that I have to dig a hole at each branch T and of course one for each head.

How do the pros do this? Do you dig a disc of turf, set it aside and use a power auger, or shovels?

Also, what are the hints for putting the saved sod disc (assuming that's the right thing to do) over the newly installed you cut a little hole in the middle, making it into a turf donut?

I know that seems like a silly question, but I am sure there are some time saving steps that I would probably figure out around head number 75!


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Monday, May 29th 2006, 5:12am

i try to keep as much soil attached to the sod/grass as possible.

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