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Saturday, May 27th 2006, 2:41pm


Some of you guys may remember my posts from last year about using the ground water underneath my inground pool for irrigation. I paid a guy I know to do the job, because he was willing to "experiment" with the water supply. He installs commercial systems professionally. At any rate, it works great. There are 4 zones, Rain Bird scrubber valves, Hunter I-20 adv heads(all). The water stains everything it gets on, with red mud color. And by the way, I ran the "common" wiers to the valves thru a switch so I can disable them and just run the pump. I use this to water other areas that my system does not cover(yet). I can run this pump for about 3 hours before it runs dry, theres alotta watta down there, but its dirty and it smells a little. Wish I could filter it so it wouldn't stain everything. My transformer, cable box and telco box at the street are reddish brown on one side. This year it seems(unless) I am imagining it, that the water flow from each head is less. I have spots that don't seem to be getting enough water as well. Is it likely that either the valves or heads are getting clogged? How do I clean them?
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Monday, May 29th 2006, 4:48am

It is possible that the water table has gone down, and the pump, having to lift the water a greater height, is putting out less pressure. A clogged inlet strainer would have a similar effect. You should have gauges on that pump, so you can keep an eye on what it's doing, and note what pressures you have on various zones.

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