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Sunday, May 21st 2006, 5:50pm

forced to use a chain trencher

ok i have tried to use a vib plow but my yard is mostly clay and the plow actually does pull just fine but i can't dig with the shovel to get to the lines since the clay is so thick and heavy. i an now going to use a chain trencher so i was curious if clay will settle like dirt does and if there is any way of making the settling not so bad, i have used one before and the trenches fell bad after 6 months but that was in a dirt/sand mixture. thanks jeff


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Monday, May 22nd 2006, 4:27am

If the lines are installed, stay with them. Use a pickaxe or a mattock to dig down to the lines. You could even use a soaker hose to soften up the ground in spots.


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Monday, May 22nd 2006, 10:34am

Based on my experience, you'll get settling in clay. Now in a 2 foot x 4 inch trench, I've been able to limit settling to about 1/2" by tamping the soil back into the trench in layers.

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