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Friday, April 28th 2006, 5:42am

What you were looking at, so far as Hunter PGPs go, I don't know. Obviously something less than a complete picture, since the larger nozzles on a PGP will make it use over 14 gpm. The various PGP nozzles allow you a good deal of wiggle room. By the way, you don't have an absolute need for head-to-head spacing, except in cases where the sprinklers have to be set a ways from a border, like with a belgian block curb. The design you have could still work, even with less than 30 feet radius from the PGP's

Even with a 3/4 meter, you can probably use less zones that the design shows. Make the connection anyway, and take measurements. The maximum rated flow of a genuine 3/4 water meter is 30 gpm, (a 5/8 meter's is 20 gpm) so you still have a good chance at more water than the design allowed for. If your supply line size is one inch, you might look to get a one inch meter installed. Sometimes, you can even get the water company to make a new tap on the water main, and bring in the one inch connection. (Prices for this can vary, obviously)


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Wednesday, May 17th 2006, 11:53am

DOORZ, have you finished your design and done the install yet?

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