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Tuesday, May 16th 2006, 12:12pm

Pressure reducer

I am trying to add a pressure regulator to the valve on my sprinkler system for drip irrigationg but the threads are hose threads, so I added a 3/4 mht x mipt but the mipt does not thread into the valve correctly (the fitting is brass) what do I need to do?


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Wednesday, May 17th 2006, 10:42am

Assuming the valve is 3/4" pipe thread and you are trying to screw in the 3/4" pipe thread end of the brass fitting, then it sounds like you cross-threaded the plastic valve and may need to replace the valve, if that is the case, you can buy one with a flow control and don't need the regulator anyway. I'd re-teflon tape the brass and try to thread it in again, and be forceful in keeping it from cross-threading, sometimes you can overcome the initial bad thread in the plastic with surehanded forceful proper threading of the brass.

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