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Monday, April 17th 2006, 7:55am

Rainbird 1800 Series

My Rainbird design specifies Sure Pop Quarter-Circle Pop-up Spray Sprinklers (SP25-Q or SP40-Q) and Sure Pop Half-Circle Pop-up Spray Sprinklers (SP25-H or SP40-H). The Sprinkler Warehouse recommends Series 1800 Rainbird sprinklers in lieu of the above.

Which of the 1800 Series sprinklers should I order? My concern is whether they are all adjustable for the Quarter and Half-Circle configuration.



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Monday, April 17th 2006, 4:46pm

The Rainbird 1800 series pop-ups, as well as most others, are strictly the sprinkler body itself. The nozzles are seperate, and are installed in the sprinkler prior to installation. So, if you get the 1800 series, you can choose which ever nozzles you need, whether it be quarter, half, full, or adjustable. Don't forget to install the filter screen with your nozzles.
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