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Tuesday, April 11th 2006, 6:34am

Rain Bird ES-6

My controller keeps blowing fuses. Just started about 2 weeks ago. It indicated "No Pwr" on the controller. I have power all the way to the controller. Finally got it to run Zone 1 a while ago. As soon as it finished and switched to Zone 2 it blew another fuse. Can't keep it in fuses. Do you have any idea where to start looking? I am totally illiterate when it comes to electricity. It did run the complete watering cycle for Zone 1 and then just quit. I have 5 watering zones. Thanks for any help.


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Tuesday, April 11th 2006, 1:09pm

Short circuit. Get a multimeter and start checking resistances to the valves. One reading should be much lower than the others, and that one will be the short, and tell you what valve solenoid needs replacing.


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Wednesday, April 12th 2006, 3:26am

Any bets on whether or not it is zone 2? ;)
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Wednesday, April 12th 2006, 5:41am

sprinklerguy may be on to something...

if you dont have a multimer unhook the zone 2 wire from the timer... run the other four zones... the fuse probably won't blow... go find the zone 2 solenoid and disconnet the wires there... hook the zone 2 wire back up to the timer and run it again... it still probably won't blow which means the timer and wire are good... replace the solenoid

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