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Tuesday, November 22nd 2005, 1:58pm

i have one, but no one has informed me of actual pricing it thanks again

malibu jim

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Tuesday, November 22nd 2005, 2:22pm

In No. California, a lot of residential sprinkler jobs are bid by the valve. Maybe 2 valves for the front lawn and 2 valves for the back lawn, plus 2 valves for the perimeter flower beds. This will include everything, including wiring and installation of controller. At $650/valve, this would be $3900.


Tuesday, November 22nd 2005, 5:57pm

are drip systems usually higher to install by themselves?


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Sunday, March 19th 2006, 7:06pm

prices vary depending on many things. most of them are how labor intensive they are. a square front lawn with great water pressure and flow is a lot cheaper than a front lawn with sidewalks, walls, and other difficult areas to get water too. also less water pressure and flow means more zones and more money. your half acre lot may be much less or more then your neighbors half acre lot due to the difficulty factor.

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