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Tuesday, January 17th 2006, 5:14am

did I mess up the "zone order"?

Hi all. BRAND NEW to sprinkler systems. But knew just enough to sequence thru the 4 zones manually to check out head operation. Is there such a thing as "this zone must go first"? That is, if you manually switch zones with the selector switch, do you have to make sure you leave it where it left off after the last automatic watering?

Since I messed with it, I've had 1) the same zone get selected over and over on automatic 2) the same zone selected as both first AND fourth, skipping a zone.

I have an intermatic R8806P101C with skipper.

Thanks in Advance


{posted here after realizing it doesn't belong in "choosing the right equipment" forum}


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Thursday, January 19th 2006, 4:03am

You probably have to look at the mechanical valve that should be switching you from one zone to the next when you apply the water pressure to it, as controlled by that Intermatic timer.

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