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Thursday, October 13th 2005, 8:34am

Instead of Toro

Toro designed a relatively small (1/3 ac.) system for me and reccomended that I use their Simpleset rotors. These are in the Toro residential line of products. I would rather use something of higher quality considerng their is not much of a price difference. I see that this forum highly reccomemends Hunter products. Would the PGP rotors work as a replacement? What about valves? The Hunter PGVs?


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Friday, October 14th 2005, 5:59am

I dont think you can go wrong with either the Hunter PGP or the Rainbird 5004 rotors... I dont have much experience with valves but have used the Orbit (from homedepot valves) and the RainBird Valves... The orbits are trash and start getting stuck open after a year of being installed. The Rainbird hasn't let me down yet.

If you are doing the system your self I would recommend a manual shutoff before the valve to make swapping out a valve for that paticular zone easier without having to shutdown your whole system. I didn't do this on mine and am now having to do it and its much more difficult.

Just my two cents.


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