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Monday, September 5th 2005, 10:06am

Newly seeded lawn

Just finished applying fertilizer, seed and wood/paper hydro mulch on our 1+ acre lawn. Have an Irritrol system with 39 heads, well water, fairly sandy soil. What type of schedule do you suggest?


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Monday, September 5th 2005, 10:12am

You might want to play with it a little bit. Everyones climate is different, and so a different schedule is appropriate. A good way to gauge if you are watering enough is that the Hydroseed should NEVER dry out. You want to keep the hydroseed at least damp. In our area, when we hydroseed a new lawn, say the middle of summer when it is hot out, we generally set up to water twice a day, roughly 15-20 minutes a zone.
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