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Monday, August 1st 2005, 5:13pm

Circuit breaker pops

I have a 4-zone Richdel system installed on the house I just bought. Prior to doing some digging the system was working perfectly. Since that time whenever the zone in the area where I dug is selected the circuit breaker pops whether in manual or auto mode. If I happened to hit the pvc is there a pressure senser that would pop the breaker or is it likely a wire I may have hit?


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Monday, August 1st 2005, 6:10pm

popped breaker = short circuit (look for a wiring fault or shorted-out solenoid)


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Monday, August 1st 2005, 7:04pm

Sounds to me like a shorted wire as well. Better get the shovel back out and see if you can locate any broken wires in the area you dug in. If you broke the PVC water line, you'd know it, trust me.
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