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Wednesday, July 27th 2005, 7:30pm

Hunter HPV valve

Hi there, I just have a quick and probably dumb question. How can I tell the difference between an HPV valve with flow control and one without flow control simply by looking. I need to replace the one I currently have and I have no clue which one I should get. I can't find any numbers on the thing except 75-1026 which is hand written on the side and perhaps I am even misreading that. Any suggestions? Mine is currently being used on my ground source heat pump not any irrigation system...sorry. I did a yahoo search to try and find more info on this product and it led me here. I hope no one minds that I am using this board to get some help with this valve problem. I tried to ask a plumbing store and they tried to sell me a brand new valve that is three wire (so I can't exactly hook it up so easily myself) that will cost me $175.00 as opposed to $25.00 for an HPV. Please help if you are able. Thanks


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Thursday, July 28th 2005, 11:11am

Not an expert but if you look at the brochure on the website it says the hpv-101g has flow control the hpv-100g does not..Check the website brochure at hunter industries and it will show you all the options and coding (slip vs threads; globe vs angle)


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Thursday, July 28th 2005, 5:16pm

you can find all of the product information about Hunter Irrigation valves at - click on products, then on valves, then on the HPV
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