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Thursday, August 19th 2004, 5:37pm

how to skip zones, Hunter Pro C Controller

I have a Hunter ProC controller and i was trying to skip watering certain zones by setting the time in those zones to 0 minutes (zones 5-6) and continue water zones 7-9 at 20 minutes.

Why do zones 5-6 continue to water if i set them to 0 minutes? How can i skip zones? It seems to continue to 20 minutes in the zones (5-6) i set to zero minutes.


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Thursday, December 9th 2004, 8:26am

You need to have all your regular time on program A
then any other timing on Program B with just the zones you want to come on , and there is still program C to use as well .

If you do not want zones 5 & 6 to come on at all then go to all the programs A,B,C and zero out the minutes on the zones

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Friday, May 27th 2005, 7:47am

jbbnet- nestors is correct. I planted a new lawn in my back and I have 2 programs.

A has zones 1,2,3,4 come on at 5:45 am <b> every other </b> day
B comes on every day, 2 times per day; <b> only zones 4 & 5 </b>
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Wednesday, June 8th 2005, 6:00am

I have the Hunter 300 controller controlling 8 zones. Is it possible to program it so that 2 zones can be turned on simultaneously? For example, I tried putting zone 1 in program A w/ a start time @ 6:30am, and zone 5 in program B w/ the same start time @ 6:30am. However, it seems only program A (zone 1) gets run, and program B (zone 5) is skipped.

Thanks in advance


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Wednesday, June 8th 2005, 2:13pm

One zone at a time, please. Overlapping programs get 'stacked' and run later on.


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Wednesday, June 8th 2005, 5:49pm

Correct, the controller will not allow you to water more than one zone at a time. I highly doubt the pressure would be available for it either.
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