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Friday, April 22nd 2005, 7:51am

Problem with Hunter Pro-C Odd/Even Setting

Instructions say that to set Odd/Even watering cycle, first press -> button with the cursor on Sunday, then 'Interval' and 'Days Left' appear. (I assume the dial is on 'Set Days' at this point) Anyway when I press the -> button, the cursor simply skips from 'Sunday' to 'Odd Even', and unlike the illustration, 'Days Left' is never visible. However 'Program A' IS visible but does not show up in the booklet illustration. Also, 'Monday thru Sunday' is always at the bottom of the display, unlike the booklet illustration.
Is there a problem, or am I simply missing something obvious? Help please!! Thanks.


Saturday, April 23rd 2005, 9:48am

Re-reading my original problem description, I'm not sure I clearly described the problem. While I tried to describe what my display looked like during the programming sequence, the bottom line is when I am finished following the instructions, my display does NOT look like the one in the manual and I am unable to set the program to provide water on the odd/even schedule. Maybe this will help someone understand my dilemma a little bit better. Thanks.


Thursday, May 26th 2005, 9:53pm

You seemed to have skipped line one of the instructions in the manual where it states "Using the instructions for Interval Watering, set the interval to one".

Did you do this first?

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