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Sunday, June 2nd 2019, 8:20pm

DIY'er new to Sprinklers with a house with sprinklers

Hello all,
I just bought a house a couple months ago that had a sprinkler controller in the basement and I finally started tinkering with it and I have questions.
I have a Toro Lawnmaster 2, 6 zone controller, I have figured it out, pretty simple. It has wires hooked to all 6 outputs. Only 2 zones work which are for the backyard. I found 3 solenoid boxes in the landscaping that each house one valve. 2 of the valves are for the backyard, the other one I'm not sure, and it doesn't work, probably solenoid as wiring looks intact, it appears to have the same wire as Zone 3 on the controller. I have T-Bird T22 and T-40 heads and Rain Bird valves. Some of them work really well(Zone 6), the heads on Zone 2 don't work so well but I think that's because one of the bodies is broke and blowing water out like a volcano.
Also, I dug around and found some of the PVC that is part of the supply line, the PVC has a date of 11/3/2003, gives a rough estimate of when it was installed.
So for my questions:
1. How do I replace the body of a T-40? How difficult is this? I imagine I can do it, just want to know if I should plan for 30 minutes or a few hours.
2. Can I screw in newer sprinklers in to the older T22 and T-40 bodies or do I have to replace the body as well?
3. How do you go about testing the electrical system on these at the valves? Do they run off amps, milliamps, what voltage should I be looking for, etc?
4. I'll take any other helpful info, advice, tips, pointers, etc. I literally have no idea about these systems and what should be included in them, but I'm a pretty quick learner.
5. Does anyone know if Gwinnett County GA requires you to file a irrigation system blueprint when you install a system? If so, that would be super convenient!! What office do I call to get that? I wish I knew what company installed it but haven't seen anything anywhere to indicate a company.


Monday, June 3rd 2019, 6:29am

Duh, YouTube has everything, thanks for the reminder.
So the whole sprinkler just unscrews from the irrigation piping? Standard right hand threads? If it's that simple then I'll just swap the whole assembly.
I'm assuming Rain Bird is a decent brand as I see them everywhere. What would be the modern equivalent of a T22 and T-40? I did some research and found they are no longer made, advancements in head technology made them irrelevant.
I appreciate the quick reply. I'm happy to have the system, just have to get it all figured out. A co-worker bgave me a contact of a irrigation guy, probably going to set him up to come out and find everything and troubleshoot my issues. Then repair myself if it's nothing major. Simple wiring, plumbing, etc., I'm capable. When it comes to the in-depth stuff like chasing an issue, chasing the wiring, and so on, I'll let them do it the first time and learn how to do it.


Monday, June 3rd 2019, 6:59am

One more question.
Are the T22 and T-40 considered rotors, rotary nozzles? What is their proper name?
And another.
So what type of head should I be looking for to replace what I have? For example, 5004FC? I can't find much information on the old units I have. How many feet they cover, inlet size(I can pull the busted one and figure that out). I don't really know what questions to ask haha.

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Tuesday, June 4th 2019, 9:03pm

I replaced my one busted body with a Rain Bird 42sa+ today. Water pressure is better but something is still up with this zone. Not pressure like the other zone. Still have a leak somewhere. I dug small trenches around the other heads to look for moving water, seems almost all have a small leak between the body and head, not much but a little. I don't see any wet spots in the yard indicating a line is leaking underground, but I feel it's got to be one of those 2 things.
Zone 6 T40's will sling water 20+ feet. Zone 2 T40's only 8-10ft. And when Zone 2 shuts off you can hear it sucking in air and all the water draining out immediately. It also takes probably a minute for all the heads to pop up and start spraying and half, if not a little of the heads don't want to keep rotating. Give them a bump and they will rotate 90°-130°, then they quit rotating until you manually move them again, and 2 won't rotate at all on their own. Zone 6 20-30 seconds and everything is up and functioning correctly and all of the heads rotate as they should.

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Thursday, June 6th 2019, 8:21pm

Man, sprinkler warehouse has a sale going on with the 5000 rotors but their website has been mucked up all day. I was going to order a few.

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