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Monday, April 18th 2005, 2:31pm

Not all valves work

We have a 9 valve system controlled by Irritrol RD-900. Zones 1-4, in the front, work fine. Zones 5-9, in the back, won't work when turned on by the controller. They work if turned on manually outside.

Any suggestions?


water miser

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Monday, April 18th 2005, 5:35pm

if you have a seperate valve manifold to feed zones 5-9 in the back chances are the wires been cut or a bad common should call your service co. to properly troubleshoot the system.


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Monday, April 18th 2005, 9:42pm

Could be a problem with your common wire like water miser said, or it could be that all of the backyard zone wires were cut. It is unlikely the problem rests in the controller if the front zones work, or in the valve or valve solenoids, because I doubt it if they would all crap out at once. Have you done any digging or construction recently? I would suggest a qualified contractor come out and run a few electrical tests on your system to see if the problem lies within the wiring.
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