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Monday, April 8th 2019, 12:51pm

Design impact of 3/4" meter to 1" pipe?

.2 acre lawn in suburbs of Minnesota.
Sandy soil
4 zone system (builder sub-contracted install)

Currently the sprinkler system is fed by a 3/4" meter into 1" piping. The 3/4" meter is shared by the sprinkler system and the rest of the home. Though it is run in the early morning so there should be little to no competition for water.

I am splitting the sprinkler system off into a separate meter (lower usage rates) and am trying to decide if I should upgrade to a 1" meter for the sprinkler system. The water main into the home is 1-1/4" pipe that is immediately steppes down to 1" and then down to 3/4" for the meter horn.

I am not aware of any issues with the irrigation system running off the existing 3/4" meter. Only issue I see with the irrigation system is that it should have at least 6 zones instead of 4.

Any guidance on whether I should pony up the extra cost (52% more) for the 1" meter vs another 3/4" meter?


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Thursday, April 11th 2019, 5:59am

Don't waste your money. It would be better used to modify the existing system to your liking.


Saturday, April 13th 2019, 11:17pm

Thank you.

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