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Saturday, November 3rd 2018, 10:56am

Hear water in valves and the irrigation main is turned off

A few weeks ago one zone of my programed sprinklers ran all night, I turned the system off at the control panel, the sprinklers continued to run. So I turned off the water line to the irrigation system. Then I went to the net to try to figure out what was wrong. It was suggested to turn the water back on to the system to see if the sprinklers came back on or not. The sprinklers came back on so I turned the water supply off again realizing I had an issue. Since then I hear water in the valves. The water is off and the system is off at the control panel. All the sprinklers at lower levels are leaking water, that has never happened before. How do I fix this? :cursing:

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Saturday, November 3rd 2018, 11:14pm

You're hearing water running through the valve because your shut off valve isn't off all the way.
That's also why there's water coming out of the sprinkler head.
You need to turn the water back on and determine which valve isn't shutting off. The Turn the water back off and replace or repair the valve.

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