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Tuesday, October 2nd 2018, 10:33pm


This summer only been running sprinklers once per day at 7am. Contoller has option to run a cycle a 2rd or third time. System is 25 years old. Never had previous issues except having to replace heads.

When we put seed on yard, I set a second cycle to run at 2pm. Tonight I accidentally did NOT add a second run time to the second run time position on the dial, but set 14:00 hours (2pm) in the third run time position on the dial. Realized it right after I did it, but was too exhausted/lazy to set 3rd run time on dial back to 00:00, figuring it wouldn't matter if I left second run time position on dial on 00:00, but thought system would still run a second time every day at 14:00 (2pm) since I had input that time on third run time position on dial.

I then ran a manual cycle so seed would get wet. Then maybe 45 minutes later intiated a second manual cycle and left the property. My son called me 5 hours later and said zone 2 has been running for hours.

I had him turn controller to off/rain, then back up to manual, then back down to auto, then all the way down to off/rain again several times.I had him set 3rd run time (only second one of the day as described above) back to 00:00 (meaning no cycle will run) as it was set 7 hours ago before I set up a second run time. This change required him to turn middle switch up to program A where any program changes can occur in this position. I then had him turn the center program switch back to the center position which is run.

Had him re-try turning left switch back up to "manual" then back down to "auto" then all the way down to "off/rain". Finally in desperation had him unplug controller from power. None of these attempts interrupted zone 2 from continuing to spray water. He plugged controller back in and shut left switch back to "rain" and still no luck. Finally had him crawl under house and shut off water to the sprinkler system.

My guess is that zone 2 valve is not shutting down at end of 10 minute cycle, and tend to think that it is a coincidence that I have an issue right after I set up a second run time, because 14:00 is when that cycle would run, and we are still about 15 hours away from that time happening. Of course have not had the 7am cycle run either as that is 7.5 hours away from now. As I said, running the sprinklers occurred earlier this evening because I ran manual cycles.

Any guesses as what is going on, and what do I check first ?

Thank you so much !




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Tuesday, October 2nd 2018, 11:37pm

Since your son unplugged the timer and the sprinkler still didn't shut off, the problem is with the valve. Figure out which valve is number 2 and repair, adjust or replace it. Maybe post a pic of the valve. Go to, upload your picture there, then cut n paste the "forum" code here.


Friday, October 5th 2018, 2:21pm

Thanks !

I am here in person now-no matter how I play with controller, zone 2 valve stays open. Other zone valves I can open and close with controller. (4 zones although controller can handle up to 6)

When I open the box outside that contains valves 1 thru 3 and turn the knob above the valve for zone 2, that apparently shuts down zone 2 as heads stop spraying

Do I only replace the knob above the valves with wires, or do I need to replace the valve body below as well ?

How do I accomplish either one without a water/mud mess, bringing dirt into my valve and water line ?

thanks !




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Friday, October 5th 2018, 6:25pm

Go to upload your pic there. The cut n paste the "forum" code here.


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Friday, October 5th 2018, 8:13pm

I would find a replacement valve, preferably the exact someone that you have. I also recommend taking apart the new one first, so you can see how it works. As opposed to opening one up inside a valve box and risk losing parts.

As to how you can either dig the valves up or if you are lucky you will need some way to bail the water out of the hole once you open the valve.

You want to MAKE SURE that no rocks or solid debris fall into the valve, that will cause you problems. Your best bet is to get a disposable cup and if you want to spend the money on it a hand pump.



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Saturday, October 6th 2018, 5:34am

I wouldn't buy a valve yet until we know what you have installed. Some valves you can rebuild, some you can't.
Your system is 25 years old. Who knows what the heck you have in there. Plastic? Brass?

But if and when you do take the valve apart or replace it. Don't forget to turn the water off first.


Saturday, October 6th 2018, 4:17pm

Minutes after my last post, I manually turned the knob (again) above valve for zone 2. I think I may have turned counterclockwise (causing water to leak out) and then clockwise until significant resistance. I go through a similar manually turning of this "knob" for zone 4 located in the crawl space every spring before I turn on the water. I think landscaper "opens it/disengages it" when he blows lines in the fall

Anyway, after I played with this knob above zone 2 valve again, (remember per my last post, I had turned this knob previously, shutting down heads in zone 2, but immediately after that when I tried to run zone 2 using controller, the valve would open but not close as was the original issue) then I went to controller again, and now ZONE 2 VALVE OPENING AND CLOSING AS IT SHOULD !!!!

Don't get it. Maybe The "knob" loosened itself over the summer ? I do not even fully understand what the knob does- I think it either will make the valve operable in one position, but if you turn it, you are rendering it inoperable.

Anyway, has run 3 or 4 scheduled cycles since then with no issues.

By the way, plastic valve

Just remembered, I think I replaced zone 4 valve about 5 years ago, If I had not been able to get the valve to start operating again, would I have needed to replace jus† knob with wires, or entire valve ? Or does it depend ?

Thanks for help everyone, and appreciate many good suggestions like taking apart new valve before taking apart old valve (even though wound up not needing to purchase new valve, at least not for now), and I get it 100% that I would want to remove dirt etc from valve box to increase odds that I disallow dirt from getting into valve.

thanks !!

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