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Sunday, September 16th 2018, 10:02pm

Only zone 5 and 6 work.

I have 6 valves in my sprinkler system. The wire starts at number 6 then goes to 5 then 4 and then the rest which I have not figured out the order. 4 leaked internally requiring major digging and a new valve which functions manually as do all. One problem though.

This new sprinkler valve has no power. Not sure if I broke a wire digging it up. I did find a severed cable looking cut but then again at the place where the solenoid lead wires come out two cables with colored wires were nicely taped up and I can't see why there would be a third cable of wires. Although the wires seemed wet when I removed the tape. Tested the terminal ports at the timer. The voltage of any active port 1 through 6 is 30 volts. 0 for inactive functional zones like 5 and 6 and then 10 volts for inactive non functional zones as long as any zone is powered on at the timer. Now why would the solenoids that I can't get powered on have 10 volts when the timer isn't even putting out a signal to run them?

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