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Sunday, August 26th 2018, 4:53pm

Some issuues with Rain Bird Rotary nozzles. Help?

I purchased some Rain Bird rotary nozzles to replace spray heads that
were getting worn. I thought that the rotary nozzles looked interesting.
I am having a problem with several of them though and am not sure what
it is. When the zone starts one or two of the rotary nozzles only put
water out of part of the nozzle that is needed. I have to go to them,
pull up the nozzle and flush it. This happens every time and started
right away when they were new.

It says their distance is minimum 8' and up. Several of them only shoot a
stream to the side a good distance but only shoot 6' or so to the front
of the nozzle. I need more than that for sure.

I don't think my psi is too low. I had sprayers there before and had no
problem at all with them. Our water is not filled with sand or anything
like that so I know that is not a problem. I have checked the filters on
the nozzle and they are completely clean.

Do I need to get the PRS 1800?

Any ideas on what to do would be great. I am very disappointed in these for sure.



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Monday, August 27th 2018, 1:46pm

The problem isn't the nozzles. Rainbird puts out a quality product when it comes to nozzles.
What is the water pressure with the sprinklers running?

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