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Wednesday, August 15th 2018, 10:03am

Backflow preventer for basement installation

I'm looking to install by backflow preventer in my basement. After doing some research online it seems the Double-Check Backflow Preventer (DCA) is the type one would want for this application. Sprinkler warehouse comments on this:

So I decided to go with a Febco FE850-100 . What's interesting though is that in all of the installation material for this preventer it always mentions the 12" above ground limitation. In fact in the link above where it talks about DCA's it shows a nice picture of the Febco unit but on the febco page it shows a picture of the device being 12" above the highest head in the system:

So I'm confused.... can DCA's be installed in basements where it's height would be below the highest head or not?

Thanks for any info!


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Thursday, August 16th 2018, 6:15am

Why not go about this in the correct manner? The correct way is to know your plumbing code and to comply with it. Without knowing your location, all we can do is guess.

By the way, don't go by that page you linked. It needs a rewrite. Boy does it need a rewrite.

Most plumbing codes have been rewritten to require toxic-rated backflow preventers, and that's where the double check valve type of device/assembly falls by the wayside, and the 'convenience' of an indoor location (it only seems convenient, until you have to open it up and service it) for your backflow preventer is lost.

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