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Sunday, October 10th 2004, 9:06am

where to connect to main water

I was wondering if connection to my main water line inside my garage where it comes into the house and then to a backflow and control valves outside would be okay? Or should I dig 3 feet down and connect by the water meter? What are the pro and cons to each. Not sure if it really matters where you connect so long as you connect and have a backflow valve. Thanksin advance fellas.


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Monday, October 11th 2004, 5:10am

My only concern is that of freezing but it sounds like your main is exposed in your garage therefore freezing must not be a problem for you. Overall it would be easiest to assemble and for future service in your garage so it sounds to me like that is the logical choice.



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Monday, October 11th 2004, 7:57am

Connecting at the water meter rather than in/near the garage is suggested when your water pipe from the meter to the garage is smaller than what is needed for the irrigation system.

As an example, the line from your meter to the garage might be 3/4" pipe. But if you are trying to design for say 15gpm, that's going to be too much water to shove through a 3/4" pipe. In that case, you tie in right at the meter so that your irrigation system can run off a larger supply line.


Monday, October 11th 2004, 10:26am

These are awesome answers to my question and I appreciate them very much, thank you.

If I were to connect at the meter, how exactly do you do that? How far down must i go to connect and what type of pipe will it be?

Also, my neighbor connected in his garage but when the vavles go on and off the pipes "rattle" or "bang" for lack of a better term. Is this normal and how do you prevent it?

I also, know of a couple folks that have spliced in under their house and teed off the copper pipe there and ran it through the side ofthe house and into a backflow and the control valves.

Anymore thoughts?


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Tuesday, October 12th 2004, 6:04am

iF THE SIZE OF THE PIPE DOESNT CHANGE FROM BEFORE THE METER AND AFTER THE METER ALL THE WAY INTO THE HOUSE THEN YOU CAN TEE OFF WHERE EVER YOU WANT. Opps sorry aboiut the caps. Then I would teoff in the area that would be most convenient for your manifold placement. Now given a different situation and the pipe size changes. You want to tee off as close as you can to the larger pipe size. What I am referring to is if the pipe size drops after the meter then you want to tee off as close as you can to the meter.



Friday, November 12th 2004, 1:09pm



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Thursday, December 9th 2004, 8:22am

Connect to main line @ water Meter ,be safe instead of connecting inside and coming out (freeze worries)

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