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Thursday, August 2nd 2018, 6:24pm

Replacing RC-Bi with ST8i WiFi

Hello Guys,

I just purchased an old home and it has a RC-Bi sprinkler controller. I am looking to replace it with a updated model- and Rain Bird suggested ST8i. It looks like it would work, but I wanted you guys' thoughts on whether I need to look for something more before deciding?

Is it as simple as swapping out the controllers and connecting the wires correctly? Or is there more to it? Thanks, and apologies for not knowing much about this!




Monday, August 6th 2018, 8:16am

Hey, I would definitely recommend it considering you only have to swap the wires and it comes with the WIFI module included (meaning you can use it from your phone since you first get it).
However, if you have less than 8 stations or perhaps more, I would perhaps consider the RAIN BIRD SST series (sst400, sst600, sst800 and sst1200) that come in 4, 6, 8, and 12 stations, they are probably a cheap option and have a lot of functions, so they might be worth taking a look at. I have installed a few myself and they seem to be pretty reliable.

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