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Thursday, August 2nd 2018, 9:29pm

7 Manifold Wiring Question

Hey all,

I am wiring a 15 zone, 7 manifold system for my first sprinkler DIY project and I am wondering how best to wire this.

My first though is that I'll need to run 7 separate bundles of sprinkler wire, one from each manifold to the control box. Is there any way to avoid this? There are several obstacles in my yard-- 3 cement sidewalks, a patio, and a gas line. If it were possible to run 1 bundle of 7 wires to the most difficult 7 zones (3 separate manifolds) without significant downside that would be ideal.

For example-- could I run the same bundle of wires from manifold 1 to manifold 2, from manifold 2 to manifold 3, and then from manifold 3 to the controller box? Assuming I spliced the common wire and all previously used wires at each manifold location.



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Thursday, August 2nd 2018, 9:38pm

You need 8 wires to run 7 valves. But yes you can splice away.
Keep in mind you'll have no spare wires in case you need one in the future.
Maybe run a 9 or 10 strand bundle.

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